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Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

Pic *_*

Hi, i just found this awesome pic of this clown that totally made my day!

Credit to: http://weheartit.com/



That's a cute picture of a clown in a shopping cart. BTW, what's your username at weheartit.com? I would love to follow you on weheartit.com!
Yup, it is!!! I'm Miss4479. I just recently got the account but I'm totally inlove of the site!!! ^____^
I love the weheartit.com site too! It's sad that the site had to eliminate the button labeled "Dashboard". :(

Quote from the founder of weheartit in their request for donation:

... we had to disable the dashboard and similar entries. We miss them as much as you do, because we also use the site everyday.

The "Dashboard" button was awesome because it would allow me to see all the pictures and videos that all my followers have hearted for each day. It was fascinating looking at the many different images and videos that each person on my "Followers" list "hearted" as their favorite images on the internet.

I hope the site doesn't shut down.
Yeah... ^________^