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Heath Ledgend ♥

Heath Ledger 1979-2008

The day has finally arrive, 22th of January. 3 years ago, a day like this, a young, beautiful, an amazing actor that this generation could ever have, was gone, was gone...
Me, that I'm just a simply fan, I'll have him in my heart forever, I miss him and I remember him every day.
And it jurts, it hurts, because he could have a career that ended decades. He was just beginning. It's sad because it won't be another men like him, he was a wonderful human being. Father, son, friend, actor. 
Heathcliff Andrew Ledger 1979-2008 . Rest in peace my love.


Missing him so much.
Thanks for being one of the people that continues to keep his memory alive ♥
Me too. :(
Your welcome, we'll keep his memory alive of course.
Thanx 4 the comment :)
That's really beautiful,I mean what you wrote ♥
He died too soon,but he'll remain alive in our hearts always..
Thank you my love. ♥
He will be forever alive in our hearts.
Love ya girl! :)
This is a beautiful post about Heath with beautiful words by you. I just finished watching THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS today. He was very charming in that movie despite his character doing things that made my face frown. D:
Thank you :)
I know right, i didn't like the concept of his character at all, but Heath was amazing like always, we can't deny that.
Something that I don't like is that they gave Johnny Depp too much atenttion, out of the necesary. :/
I love you more ♥
Absuloutly,we will never forget him..I watched the drug video thoe :(

Ohhh , that's a sad video , but we shouln't care about the mistakes he make, we should remember him as the beautiful human being he was and is :)
Yea,ur right !:) We shouldn't care about that all !:) ♥♥♥