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Heath Ledgend ♥

Happy Birthday Heath !!! <3

 Today April 4th it's Heathcliff Andrew Ledger's birthday! I can't believe it : 32 years ! And I feel so sad , mostly because he could have a career that ended decades ! What we saw , it was just the beginnig ! 

Recently I've been so busy with school that I had so much less time , and I just couldn't make some pics for him , in this special date. So , I promise you guys that I'll make a special post for him ! 

I feel so bad , I mean , I wanted to make a huge and great post for him in his birthday but ... it can not. 

Anyways what I'm going to post , may be lame or simple , but I remembered him , and I'm one of his millions of fans that every day are trying to still make his memory more alive than ever !

Happy Birthday my beautiful Heath ! I hope you are having a nice time , wherever you are ... 

I love you my loveee ! I love you and I miss you so muuchh ! Why did you leave us ? Why ? 
Happy Birthday sweetie ! ♥ 



Aw, how nice! Don't worry about just posting something "simple" as just remembering today is enough. You could've just put one little sentence and it would have been enough *hug*
Lots of fans are posting about him on Tumblr and Twitter which is really nice <3
Thanks ! (: I know right , is the intention what matters *hug*
I'm so glad to hear that , Heath must be really happy knowing that so much fans will never forget him :D
This is a sweet post about an unforgettable gentleman. ♥

As I look at these wonderful photos that you posted, it makes me wonder what would have happened in his life if he was still alive. But like you said, wherever he is, I hope he's having a nice time.

Also, I hope things are going smoothly for you at school! School is a full-time intense job because of the intense hours of studying, writing papers, and doing other projects. I admire your hard work.
Thank you so much :)

Yeah , sometimes I think that too, can you imagine it, Heath receiving the Oscar by his own hands ! :( Of course , he's having such a lovely time , wherever he is now .

You're so right , cuz I'm in my last year and I need to prepare myself to college . Thank you ! It means a lot to me :))
Your welcome dear! :)