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Aug. 27th, 2010

Heath *confuse* ♥

Strange Lj users...?

I've reading on Wikipedia, that the users:


Are a lil bit stranges.... This is something that makes me thing that every person in this world had a dark life or something, idk, something like that..... lol!!!

PS: Don't worry guys, I'm not a serial killer.... I'm just inlove of one.... ♥


 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this pic!!!!
God save the QUEEN


well, I'm on my exam seasons, so it sucks, yup. I'll not be posting for a while ( I don't post that much ) lol! hahaha!!!! Abrazos y besos! *hugs and kisses*

Heath Loves you!!!!

Aug. 21st, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

Cassie Icons

Cassie Ainsworth's icons.

wow, so lovely! Collapse )

Aug. 13th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥


I was watching this video of Heath Ledger Charlie Rose Interview Snnipet and I realize that Heath voice turns a lil bit more... how do you say this.... at Joker's style? Idk. Suddenly in 1:11 to 1:13 you can hear the Joker's voice!!!!!!!! Not kidding!!!! You guys should watch this, it completely scared me. LOL.
I ♥ Heath for ever and ever!!!!
I miss you my baby!!!


 credit goes to: lisbuff 

Aug. 12th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

Silly questions

Ok, the first of all. Thank you so much to the ppl that helped me with the previous Silly Questions entry. haha!
Well, this time is just one question.
There you go:
•How do I change my mood theme (Not the mood theme examples of lj, the tv shows themes, fashion, idk, that kind)

Can someone help me, please?


 credit goes to: neurotripsy 

Aug. 6th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥


OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skins e4 new brand cast for Series 5 is finally revealed!!!!!!! OMG!!! LOL!

 I was like : WTH and WTF? The first time I saw the entire cast!!!

I'm kinda disappointed by the looks of some of them!!! But hopefully they would do a great job!!!
I'm so excited can't way to see the Trailer or the first episode!
I wish them good luck, I mean they very need it.

"It's official we're addicted to Skins"

Heath *confuse* ♥

Silly questions

Well, I've been on Lj, for not such a long time so I have some questions about the site. I know, they maybe sound silly and dumb but I'll be an idiot if I don't ask.
It's about comments. Here they are:

•How do I EDIT a comment?
•How do I post images on the comments?

Ok, they're just 2. So, I hope you guys could help me with "these"
I'll be appreciate.

Thanx!!! -Luv ya! ♥

 "Maxxie you look all horny"
Icon by me =D

Jul. 30th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

The Joker & Harley Quinn icons

Well, these are a few icons that I made of The Joker & Harley Quinn. I hope all you guys like it.




•Credit me, please.
•Don't claim as your own.
•Comments are ♥.
•Enjoy and share!

Jul. 26th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

The Office ♥

Hey, everybody! A few days ago i'd watched a show that right now I LOVE SO MUCH!!! Can you guess? It's THE OFFICE!!!! [the USA version] I loved it so much! But it's not the first time I heard about it, I knew this show about years ago but never watched. So like the last week, I was so bored watching TV. and then The Office was showing on I-Sat [Argentinian channel] And decided to watch it, of course I was bored as hell. But then the show was pretty good. I saw two episodes and inmediately fall inlove with the series, it is so good and so funny!!!! Right now I think i'm watching season 6 though... Yup. I love all the characters: Michael [so funny] Dwight [Funny as hell] Jim [smart and cute] Pam [so lovely] Stan [the smartest but at the same time dumb guy ever] Angela [mean] Ryan [allright] and etc. I'm still knowing the characters but I totally love Pam and Michael. Seriously, they're pure EPICNESS.
LOL!!! C ya guys later.

the office rules!

Jul. 24th, 2010

Hot Clown Joker Drummer ♥

Pics! ^_^

Just wanted to share my fav. pics of Heath Ledger, The Joker and Skins.

Pics!! here! =DCollapse )


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